The MPE BEDDING, founded in 1956 by Corona Portabella (VA) who was an animateur of deep sleep system in Italy. MPE BEDDING has a long term commitment to promote the career of human health deep sleep. MPE BEDDING is the high-end professional brand and the first launched for technological smart bed and nature latex healthy bed in China.
The parent firm of MPE called DIVISION DELLN Gommagomma S.P.A was established in Italy
The first frankincense latex mattress come out, making the beginning of truly deep sleep era.
Shenzhen Meiya Industry Co., Ltd bought the Italy MPE BEDDING brand trademark global use right.
The world’s first pressure-reducing latex mattresscame out, as wwell as the first smart bed
MPE BEDDING has been selected by China Astronaut training center as bedding supplier
MPE BEDDING has been selected by Training Council of General Administration of Sport of China as bedding supplier
Released the first Wireless remote control smart bed
MPE and China Astronauts Research and Training Center jointly develop the global unique “space floating bed”
MPE latex mattress became the first test product to the Antarctic
MPE became the only home furnishing brand with a pavilion at the Milan Expo
The first simulated space weightlessness technology bed experience exhibition hall established, MPE won the National high-tech innovation enterprise again
Industry pioneered mobile app operating system
Deep sleep system launched officially, enforce the integration of intelligent bedand home life
Product obtained authoritative certification
International standard is much higher than market counterparts!

Each and Every MPE smart bed and latex mattress retunes to the nature of sleep and are born to satisfy the ideal sleep that everybody craves throughout their lives. MPE ,with the global procurement of natural materials in line with human sleep, developed products to meet the global different crowd’s sleeping requirement, to make a comprehensive solution to people’s need for healthy deep sleep. Being professional, we haveobtained five Europeanexceedingly strict authoritative certification for latex producers, including Oeko Tex、Euro Latex、Catas、WF4 Dry System、TLS Air System (European Environmental Certification, European non-toxic latex material Quality Certification, Italian Quality Certification, WF4 Dry Circulation Ventilation Certification, TLS Ventilation Certification )