In the healthy deep sleep world of Meiya MPE bedding

Only the third-, fourth-, and fifth-generation latex products that are far ahead of the market are available to you.

Third generation latex technology
Seven-segment scientific partition function latex mattress

At the end of the 1990s, MPE bedding proposed a functional division theory that is more in line with the natural sleeping posture of the human body, and creatively developed the worldundefineds first "seven-segment partition function" latex mattress.

The third generation of seven-stage latex technology is based on ergonomics and scientifically divided into seven parts of the body with different degrees of force: head, shoulder, back, waist, hip, leg and foot. Performance, let the mattress conform to the natural curve of the human body, perfect fit to the figure; scientifically and effectively reduce the pressure on the muscles during sleep.

The 4th generation latex technology
Decompression type smart latex mattress that will breathe

The decompressive smart latex mattress adopts the one-piece "three-dimensional demoulding" manufacturing process and the mattress contains "decompression molecules", which can effectively alleviate and relieve the human bodyundefineds sleep pressure. Not only can it better improve the decompression ability of the mattress, but also make the latex mattress form a "microcirculation air system" to make the mattress more absorbent and breathable.

Fifth generation latex technology
MEMO intelligent memory recognition latex mattress

Meiya MPE cooperated with China Aerospace Center to physically simulate space weight loss technology and creatively invented the 5th generation MEMO intelligent memory recognition latex. 30 seconds to quickly identify the human body features, so that the mattress instantly adapt to the body; strong memory, slow rebound, zero pressure, subvert the limitations of traditional memory cotton "only identification, no support", to provide people with the best demand for deep sleep zero pressure solution.