Select global quality sleep materials

Each and Every MPE smart bed and latex mattress retunes to the nature of sleep and are born to satisfy the ideal sleep that everybody craves throughout their lives. MPE ,with the global procurement of natural materials in line with human sleep, developed products to meet the global different crowd’s sleeping requirement, to make a comprehensive solution to people’s need for healthy deep sleep. Being professional, we haveobtained five Europeanexceedingly strict authoritative certification for latex producers, including Oeko Tex、Euro Latex、Catas、WF4 Dry System、TLS Air System (European Environmental Certification, European non-toxic latex material Quality Certification, Italian Quality Certification, WF4 Dry Circulation Ventilation Certification, TLS Ventilation Certification )

The worldundefineds best natural latex source
South American and Southeast Asian Natural Latex

Italian leading latex technology, natural latex derived from in South and Southeast Asia. Due to their unique tropical geographical location, these countries have a more regular molecular structure than ordinary latex, a smoother inner wall, and higher gas permeability, better elastic properties, completely green, environmentally friendly and safer. The comprehensive index is 3 times of the ordinary latex.

Natural latex which is made of high-tech foam, is made from the sap of natural rubber tree,. Its inherent anti-allergic and anti-bacterial properties can inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi and dust mites. It is the ideal choice for allergy sufferers. Fine pores form a natural air circulation system, making the mattress fresh, dry and ventilated.

best raw material
Jute, wool, microelement powder, ponytail