Aerospace International Cooperation, MPE Bedding Continues to Contribute


On September 19, 2018, Wang Lixin, deputy mayor of Shenzhen, and representatives of relevant enterprises met with Ms. Simonata Dipipo, Director of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs, to launch relevant international cooperation projects on the Human Space Technology Initiative (HSTI) project, collaborate for in-depth discussions.


MPE Bedding as a long-term partner of the China Astronaut Center, Chairman Luo Cheng was invited to attend the meeting to introduce the cooperation project, cooperation achievements and social benefits of MPE Bedding.


Since 2007, MPE Bedding has been dedicated to providing Chinese astronauts with healthy deep-sleeping beds and astronaut training beds to contribute to Chinaundefineds space industry. Luo Cheng said that aerospace technology materials which used for sleep products are showing a very good trend in China. In the future, MPE Bedding will provide people with personalized personalization sleep solutions of the overall bedroom space through a deep sleep system based on a bed, with the using of modern AI smart technology.


At the seminar, Wang Lixin, deputy mayor of Shenzhen, said that Shenzhen is actively promoting the development of the future economic field including aerospace. MPE Bedding, as a national high-tech innovative private enterprise, has made contributions to the aerospace industry. This is the Pride of Shenzhen, I hope to make greater contributions to the aerospace industry and even the civilian sector through active international cooperation.


Ms. Simonata Dipipo also stated that the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs will bring together more intellectual resources through its global network and promote the development of the Shenzhen aerospace industry through specific projects, thus making innovative companies like MPE Bedding better to serve aerospace and serve the public.