MPE Antarctic Deep Sleep Exploration Tour - Latex Mattress Challenge Antarctic Sleep

If you want to write an evolutionary history for human bedding, then you will undoubtedly leave a chapter on the day of December 7, 2013. On this day, the first latex mattress that was first put on the top of the Antarctic was born. This extraordinary latex mattress comes from Meiya MPE. It is carried by the MPE chairman Luo Cheng into the Antarctic to accept the special sleep environment challenge.




Polar sleep exploration has great scientific significance for the improvement of human sleep. As the continent with the highest altitude, the lowest temperature and the widest snow and ice on the earth, the Antarctic is easy to reduce the bodyundefineds immunity, lower blood pressure, easy insomnia, impatience, and even symptoms of neurasthenia. For those who have lived in Antarctica for a long time, such environment makes them have higher requirements for sleeping and bedding.


This latex mattress is a regular product of MPE and does not specifically adjust the technical parameters for the polar environment. The purpose of doing this is to test the adaptability of existing products in the polar environment, and to collect polar environmental data for the company to develop targeted materials and products.


The whole meaning of life lies in the infinite exploration of the unknown. MPE Bedding is widely favored in the global high-end market, and is largely inseparable from the exploration and innovation of Luo Cheng and his team. This time, he set his sights on the South Pole and became the worldundefineds first deep sleep researcher to bring latex mattresses to the Antarctic continent for experiments.